Next month, Sage Policy Group will start another round of community-input meetings related to its study of how to solve overcrowding in Baltimore County high schools. Going forward, it will be tasked with taking into account the structural quality of the schools — something that was missing from its original mandate.

BCPS interim superintendent Verletta White announced the change in scope in a letter posted to the system’s website:

“Baltimore County Public Schools (“BCPS”) will work with Sage to ensure that building conditions are taken into consideration as we move forward. We have asked that Sage proceed with this recommendation and make the consideration of conditions transparent in the scenarios presented in the public information sessions in September,” White wrote.

Many parents had expressed concern that Sage had said considering the buildings themselves was not part of their project. That was seen as especially problematic at Lansdowne High and at Dulaney High — the latter was a potential spot to redistrict some students from the overcrowded Towson High. Parents said it made no sense to add new students to schools that were structurally unsound.

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