Blasting in Towson

Whiting Turner is scheduled to commence blasting at the Towson Row site starting today, Wednesday, October 7th, in the afternoon. The blasting will be localized in the area near the West Susquehanna Avenue cul-de-sac. We have been advised to anticipate the blasting to occur in the afternoon, two blasts per afternoon, Monday-Friday for a period of two to three weeks. A loud horn will sound approximately 5 minutes prior to the blast. A subsequent all clear horn will sound after the blast. The horns are a safety measure meant for the workers on site.

2 responses to “Blasting in Towson

  1. Can you tell me what newspaper published the blasting schedule? I’ve only looked online, so that has limited my searching. Thanks!

  2. The info was sent to us by the Towson Chamber of Commerce.