From Sgt. Stephen Fink, Baltimore County Police Department Precinct 6 (Towson):

Undoubtedly everyone has heard the news of the recent rash of robberies we’ve been experiencing in Towson and the two attacks on Burke Ave where the victims were attacked by multiple suspects with at least one brandishing a knife. Thus far we do not have a lot of information on the suspects responsible other than three thinly built African-American males who have a vehicle available to them. All of these cases are being actively investigated by not only Officers and Detectives of Towson Precinct but also Detectives out of our Headquarters. All of us are working diligently to identify those responsible and bring this situation to a close.

In all these incidents we’re investigating the victims were alone and either using their cell phones or had their phones readily accessible; those responsible then took the opportunity to take the phone and possibly other property by force.

A couple points of personal safety and protection we’d like you to employ for yourself and spread the word to your family, friends and neighbors. As we all know with the time change it’s getting darker earlier and if you’re out after 6 pm using your cell phone the light of the phone shines like a beacon to all that not only do you have a phone but you’re using it. If you’re using the phone in whatever manner you’re probably paying more attention to it than you are your surroundings — and yes I am as guilty of this as anyone else with all that these little gems of information and entertainment provide! Our suggestion to everyone is if you’re outside try to avoid using your phone so much especially after dark. Try and stay alert to your surroundings, look around often for other persons close to you, pay attention to the sounds of an approaching vehicle. Should you go out have someone with you if possible but if by yourself try and avoid unlit areas. If you’re by yourself and you sit somewhere in public do so closer to others, make yourself less of a target should you be using your phone. Again though be aware of your surroundings always.

As always if you’re out and about and you see or hear something suspicious call 9-1-1 immediately so that our Officers can respond to investigate.

Thank You, Sgt Stephen Fink, 2815  PC06 COT