Boundary options studied for new Timonium school –

Three hypothetical outcomes were examined Wednesday, Oct. 30, by the boundary study committee for the new elementary school in Mays Chapel, giving the committee its first look at how the new school might be districted.

Under most scenarios, the new school in Mays Chapel would be populated by students who live in the Cockeysville area and west of Interstate 83.

However, Matt Cropper, principal of Cropper GIS, who is leading the redistricting meetings, said all three were simply presented as options for the committee to examine before they create their own maps.

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One response to “Boundary options studied for new Timonium school –

  1. How can we make our concerns heard about our neighborhood being redistricted yet again? We already were pulled from Rogers forge to go to WTES, now they want to change again to Hampton (in every map). It is NOT acceptable to bounce our kids around from school to school every couple years! We already had to start from scratch with a different school. Our area is so small, surely they can leave us at WTES so our kids have some stability and don’t have to leave all of their friends again. This is bad for the children in our community.