Councilman David Marks on Jan. 6 awarded the Green Towson Alliance with the 5th District “Citizens of the Year” award for its dedication over the past four years in establishing the Radebaugh Neighborhood Park in Towson’s Aigburth Manor neighborhood.

Workgroup Committee leader Carol Newill and team members Avery Harden, Nick Linehan, Tracey Marcantoni, Shannon McDonald, Richard Ames-Ledbetter, and Brough Schamp were joined by Kaitlyn Radebaugh and Spencer Fastie, from Radebaugh Florists, park neighbor Mary Lou Stenchly and other neighbors and Green Towson Alliance members who gathered at the park entrance as Marks presented the award.

Radebaugh Neighborhood Park, at 11 Maryland Ave., formerly the location of old greenhouses for Radebaugh Florists, will be a beautiful addition to the area. So much thought has been put into making it a unique green space rather than a flat, empty field. The 3.76-acre plot will feature varied terrain and native plants and offer a peaceful place for people to walk, play, picnic or just spend time relaxing in nature.

Source: Green Towson Alliance rewarded for their creation of a park – Baltimore Sun