The following bullets are the latest updates regarding vehicular and pedestrian traffic around the new science building; there are a few changes/improvements.

  • Glen Drive will be closed to inbound traffic starting 12/8/17. Rerouting of vehicles to Glen Drive via Newell Avenue will happen at the same time. Public notice of these changes has been in place for five days via electronic message boards, T-3 announcement and direct contact with department potentially affected that use Glen Drive and Stephens Avenue. These changes will greatly reduce interaction of campus pedestrians with vehicular traffic to improve public safety concerns. Outbound Glen Drive traffic will be maintained.
  • The crosswalk at 7800 is temporarily painted in place and will be permanently painted when weather and traffic allow. Appropriate stop signs and pedestrian signs are in place.
  • A 12” wide yellow stripe will be painted along the entire pedestrian detour walkway to provide clearer direction.
  • Additional safety related signs will be installed in the upcoming days.
  • The new walk and traffic pattern has been added to our snow plan.

We will continue to monitor these changes.

Kevin M. Petersen · Associate Vice President, Facilities Management