At least four traffic-calming speed humps will be installed on Aigburth Road in Towson this spring, in large part due to the effort of one Towson High School sophomore, who gave the project a much-needed push forward out of a sense of civic duty, according to Baltimore County Councilman David Marks.

Even though Kat Georgantas, 16, of Rodgers Forge, doesn’t have her driver’s license yet, she recognized that the cars speeding along Aigburth Road in front of her school are a problem. She walks to Towson High, as do many of her classmates, and the speed of traffic moving along Aigburth, which runs past a rear parking lot and entrance to the school, struck her as dangerous, she said.

During the previous school year, Georgantas and classmates in her American government course analyzed and developed a solution for the problem as part of a class project. Even though the project involved the entire class, Georgantas said she took on a leadership role.

“Everybody agrees that there’s a speeding problem here on Aigburth, so we just wanted to make it safer for our peers,” Georgantas said.

Last spring, she and her classmates presented their idea to a group of public officials as part of the class, who in turn gave the students feedback on their projects. One official, state Sen. Jim Brochin’s chief of staff, Marc Lazerow, was particularly impressed by the proposal and Georgantas.

“I just remember her being very articulate, well-spoken and passionate about the issue,” Lazerow said.

Source: Towson High student boosts traffic calming effort near school – Baltimore Sun