So, if you want to draw a crowd on a college campus, offer up free ice cream. Earlier this week, dozens of students lined up at the ice cream truck parked outside the Towson University Union It was one of the inauguration week events for University President Kim Schatzel. She was out there working the crowd and posing for selfies.

Schatzel will be inaugurated Friday as Towson University’s 14th president. She takes over as the university is seeing record growth and hearing from students who complain of racism and intolerance on campus.

Schatzel was appointed the president of the university in December and has been on campus since January.

Towson may have started as a teacher’s college, but Schatzel wants you to know it’s more than that now. It is the second largest public university in the state, and its biggest provider of health care professionals.

Source: Towson U’s new president needs to manage growth, diversity | WYPR