Radebaugh’s demolition estimate

Councilman David Marks received a letter today from Radebaugh’s Florist indicating that they had obtained an estimate for the demolition of the greenhouses on the property that is significantly lower than Baltimore County’s estimate of between $400,000 and $500,000. The new estimate is $143,655.79.

Project Open Space funds will fund the $1.2 million purchase price of the property. Since it appears that the demolition cost was the only thing holding up the transaction we are hopeful that the property can now be purchased and turned into open space.

2 responses to “Radebaugh’s demolition estimate

  1. is there a new timeline? ( I live with the greenhouses as my backyard!)

    • Not yet. The County Executive has to authorize the purchase and the County Council has to vote to approve the contract. Neither of those will happen until the County accepts the new demolition estimate.