For months, community activists have argued that developers in Towson should be forced to do more to help the government buy and preserve parkland.Now the Baltimore County Council plans to hear more from the public — and developers — on the matter.

The council will hold a public hearing Monday on the waiver fees that developers pay when they can’t include the required amount of open space in their developments. The issue has drawn interest in Towson, the county seat that is booming with urban-style developments, where exceptions in the law often result in developers paying little or nothing in open-space fees.

“I think there is a general consensus that we need to do better in Towson, but the devil’s in the details,” said Councilman David Marks, a Perry Hall Republican who represents Towson.

Marks said he hopes to change the fees policy “sooner rather than later.”

Source: Baltimore County Council to consider new developer fees for open space – Baltimore Sun