A recent letter from BGE received by a Cedar Avenue resident:

BGE is committed to providing customers with safe and reliable electric and gas service. The company routinely inspects and maintains its delivery system and upgrades components when necessary to help insure that your energy needs are met for the present day and the future.

In an effort to improve electric reliability, BGE will upgrade portions of its electric distribution system located in your community. This work will require BGE crews and contractors to work directly on the overhead power lines and associated infrastructure in your area. Additionally, BGE will install new underground lines along portions of Stevenson Lane, Cedar Avenue, Newberry Lane, Knollwood Road, and Fairway Drive to reduce the community’s dependence on existing overhead lines.

To complete this work, BGE is also conducting tree and and vegetation management in your area. In order for these efforts to be successful, BGE will need the cooperation of all community residents to allow BGE to prune for proper tree clearance and to remove structurally unsound trees that could fall onto and damage our distribution facilities, when appropriate.

BGE will begin upgrading its electric distribution system in June 2012, and it expects to complete the majority of the project in approximately four months, weather permitting. It is possible that the company may require a planned outage to complete this work. If a planned outage is required, BGE will notify you in advance. BGE will work as safely and quickly as possible to complete this necessary effort; however, the work will be very visible and could require temporary changes in traffic patterns throughout the area.

In addition to these efforts, BGE is working to upgrade the overhead power lines and associated infrastructure along Hillen Road from the East Towson substation located at Railroad and Fairmount Avenues to the pumping station located at Far Hills Drive and E. Burke Avenue. BGE will also install new underground electric equipment at the intersection of Hillen Road and Far Hills Drive.

BGE looks forward to keeping you informed about this project. If you would like more detail about the project, please call 1-800-685-0123. You may also connect with BGE by visiting bge.com, or joining us at Twitter.com/myBGE, or under myBGE on Facebook.

Thank you for your patience and we appreciate your cooperation.

Sincerely, Tom Bopp, BGE Sr. Project Manager